The Secret Lives of Millennial CS Assistant Professors (Part 1)

Tandem paragliding at Torrey Pines over the gorgeous beaches of La Jolla. Yes, that is me in the front. :)
  1. Problem selection: What do I work on and how to decide?
  2. Funding: How to get my projects funded?
  3. Collaborations: How to decide which ones to pursue?
Slide from an overview talk about my research “The New DBfication of ML/AI”:
Salient statistics on my proposal submissions from my blog post “On Rejections in Academia”:
Slide from an overview talk on Project Cerebro:
Huge thank you to all these sponsors of my group’s research! Thank you also to my past research sponsors: Opera Solutions, NVIDIA, and the Hellman Foundation.
Follow me on Twitter @TweetAtAKK if you do not already. :)
Salient statistics on my paper submissions from my blog post “On Rejections in Academia”:
Welcome to the era of the bloated ML/AI/cloud whales! A slide from my talk at the KDD’21 Deep Learning Day: Enjoy the memes and limericks! :)
Thankfully I do not need to be a DeWitt because the ML/AI industry does not seem to have an Ellison. :) Read the fun story here:
At the inaugural SoCal DB Day in Fall 2018: We had DB folks from 6 SoCal schools — UC San Diego, UC Irvine, UCLA, UC Riverside, UC Santa Barbara, and USC — and from 6 companies with DB area presence in SoCal— Amazon, Couchbase, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, and Teradata .
With some of my research advisees (and our spouses) at a farewell dinner in La Jolla for some of the students.
Some junior faculty of CSE (and one spouse) at the quarterly drinks/dinner on campus in Fall 2018.
The Database Lab contingent at ACM SIGMOD 2019 in Amsterdam. With 6 research papers, UCSD was tied with Wisconsin as the largest academic DB group in the research proceedings that year! Blog post on our papers and more:



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Arun Kumar

Arun Kumar


Associate Professor at UC San Diego CSE and HDSI. Research on data management and machine learning systems. Freethinker. Poet. Memester. Gay. He/him.